A Brief Background

Project Best Of Me is a Nonprofit Organization that was founded to serve the Easley and Upstate area.  At Project Best Of Me, we believe in bringing to surface the BEST version of YOU that we know you can possibly be. Planting seeds through offering a variety of programs and community and social events.

Project Best of Me is a shared enterprise that is carefully and thoughtfully planned and designed to achieve a particular purpose. That purpose is to bring to surface the Best version of you that you can possibly be. The structure of our programs is designed to equip participants in building personal development that will improve their awareness of their talents, potential, confidence, dreams, and their aspirations. Why is this important? Personal development is the foundation of spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual health. 

Project Best Of Me is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Our Programs

Teens 2 Queens

This workshop is for FEMALES only...

Today's young females face so many temptations to follow the wrong path as well as the right path. Through a series of workshops and group discussions we hope to provide assistance and impact on the deep issues our young women are facing today. Our goal is to inspire girls' thinking, spark candid discussions, make better choices, and encourage each other when they feel that they are all alone.

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Theatre Program

The B.O.M Productions  goal and purpose are to afford its members the ability to articulate and identify the effectiveness, purpose, and value of others as well as their personal points of view. We seek to nurture our members' artistic expressions and passions whether your artistic expression is on stage or behind the scenes. We are always looking for Costume and Set designers, Audio/ Video operators, Make up and Hairstylists Artists, Writers, Dancers, and Assistants. Overall we hope to shape community pride, confidence, leadership, teamwork, communication, discipline, time management,  diversity, and cultural enrichment.

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Boys 2 Gentlemen

This workshop is for MALES only...

Today's young males face so many temptations to follow the wrong path as well as the right path. Through a series of workshops and group discussions we hope to provide a difference in leading our young boys towards a lifestyle of accountability, thinking, making wiser choices and to let them know that they are not alone. Our goal is to challenge our young men that it's okay to talk about deep issues that they are facing today.

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"365" Black History Series

Learning Black History is learning American History. It’s more than just a month."

 This program will host Table-talk discussions and other Events throughout the year.  Beginning in February 2019 with the showing of Alex Haley's


 All are Welcomed!

"Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another's uniqueness." Ola Joseph

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