Theatre Department

The B.O.M Productions goal and purpose are to afford its members the ability to articulate and identify the effectiveness, purpose, and value of others as well as their personal points of view. We seek to nurture our members' artistic expressions and passions whether their artistic expression is on stage or behind the scenes. Our goal is to give each individual the opportunity to develop new skills that they can utilize in their future endeavors. We are always seeking to expose each member to what takes place behind the scenes of theatre such as Costume and Set designers, Audio/ Video operators, Makeup and Hair Stylists, Writers, Dancers, and Script Assistants. Overall, we hope to shape community pride, confidence, leadership, teamwork, communication, discipline, time management, diversity, and cultural enrichment.

Bringing to surface the BEST version of themselves that they can possibly be!

Project Best Of Me is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization